in contrast to || sentence

She seemed very happy in contrast to the man.

A qualitative study offers significant results based on small samples in contrast to the large numbers of subjects of a quantitative study.

Of all the major brewing nations, England remains the only one in which ale is the primary beer consumed.

This is in contrast to lager, which is the world’s overall dominant beer style.

In contrast to his frightening looks, his voice was kind and calm.

In contrast to her, her husband didn’t seem to be enjoying the shopping.

In contrast to the scarcity of wildlife on land, Chile’s Pacific waters are filled with over 200 kinds of fish.

In contrast to its trading partners in Central Europe, Russia saw its economy shrink for five years in the mid 1990s.

In contrast to his not bad looks but seems a bit of a dandy appearance, he didn’t have a girlfriend and he wasn’t particularly fast with the ladies.

In contrast to this, it is said to govern the regions it takes over.

In contrast to the power, the Jets’ penalty kill has begun a slow decline.

In contrast to the brilliant shell, the four-inch 233 ppi display is rather dowdy.

I don’t really find it that long, especially in contrast to the American one.

She emphasised that, in contrast to NATO, “this does not necessarily mean a military approach.”

The company offered more promotions in the quarter, in contrast to Coach and Kate Spade & Co