in and out in a sentence

1 The ins and outs of cyclical unemployment.

2 Into the ins and outs of everything.

3 in and out , always very slowly.

4 It had 44 trains coming in and out daily.

5 The right speaker is already having issues cutting in and out .

6 His voice was softer, fading in and out again.

7 During play, teams may substitute players in and out freely.

8 Very fast exchanges , both guys in and out .

9 Regular speakers move in and out to create sound.

10 He drifted in and out of memories.

11 You however go into great detail explaining the ins and outs .

12 The tackle used for running guns in and out .

13 They assist larger vessels in and out of tight places.

14 Are the in and out tubes tight?

15 People with neurological illnesses walk in and out .

16 Learn the ins and outs in this issue.

17 Virtual particles pop in and out of existence.

18 Camping in and out of bound areas.

19 The seat will actually slide in and out .

20 Always touch in and out to avoid incomplete journeys.