impunity in a sentence

use impunity in a sentence

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[noun] being free from punishment or loss;

American forces currently operate with impunity from bases in 50 countries.

Although they may seem to act with impunity, severe punishment and death await for them.

Corruption and impunity continue to be serious problems within the security forces.

Dictatorial regimes are not able to commit evil with impunity, without being called to account by the conscience of the world community.

Impunity is a widespread issue in Mexico, with nearly 97 percent of crimes in Guerrero state going unsolved.

No young person should be allowed to feel that he or she can offend with impunity.

President Bashar al-Assad’s Air Force rules the skies, bombing with impunity and keeping residents in the grips of fear and paranoia.

Thorpe appears to do this without hesitation, and with arrogance and impunity.

“There must be no impunity for attacks on children”, said the speaker.

Where national laws are weak, companies may be able to engage in unacceptable conduct with impunity.

Over several decades there has been a disturbing history of impunity in Zimbabwe.