improvise in a sentence

It was said to have been a remote controlled improvised explosive device.

136741 But the city’s bakers did not accept defeat; instead, they improvised.

Those who remained have had to improvise when it comes to cooking and bathing.

“Strangely enough, I didn’t mind when the director got the actors to improvise.

However some people remain unconvinced that the show is improvised, she admits.

That likely forced them to improvise and go to ground in nearby woods, Cuff said.

71125 Armed with only two cameras and a tripod, his trips were mostly improvised.

But the randomness of improvised explosive devices — IEDs — was my biggest fear.

801214 The soldiers were killed by improvised explosive devices, the statement said.

Insurgents have also made use of improvised shells to bombard government-held areas.

Most of the equipment is improvised as well, including weights strapped to a wooden bar.

Securing the city is expected to be slow because of improvised explosive devices and booby traps.

The League is a partly improvised comedy about a group of friends who have a fantasy football league.