Impromptu in a sentence

Use Impromptu in a sentence


Meaning: [ ]done without planning, unrehearsed; spontaneous;

The crowd burst into impromptu applause when the famous singer appeared on the balcony.

The official ceremony ended with impromptu public poetry readings.

An impromptu picnic in the park does just fine.

Thousands took to the streets Tuesday night in a impromptu protest.

This impromptu performance was well received by its audience.

Participants also deliver short impromptu and prepared speeches.

Media events included press conferences and an impromptu debate.

Local comedians often drop in and give impromptu performances.

Challenge yourself to give impromptu speeches or speeches from outlines.

The president’s impromptu speech met with thunderous applause; and caused some to cry.

Community activists throughout the world have been hijacking busy streets, major intersections and even stretches of highway, for impromptu public gatherings.