Impoverished in a sentence

Use Impoverished in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] destitute; poor ;

Impoverished and landlocked Nepal relies heavily on tourism revenues from climbing and trekking.

His family was impoverished during most of his university years.

For 12 years, she’s traveled several times a week to the outskirts of Juarez, Mexico, bringing aid to hundreds of impoverished children and their families.

More than a dozen people were charged in an alleged scheme there to pay impoverished residents to vote for particular candidates.

Mostly unskilled labourers, they support their impoverished country’s economy by sending cash home to their families each month.

They come from impoverished backgrounds.

Growing up in an impoverished part of southern Colombia, Uni said he joined the guerrillas at age 15, seeing few other prospects.

Police described him as a fourth grade dropout from an impoverished village who was gravitating to a life of crime.

The organization provides free legal services to impoverished children.