illustrious in a sentence

use illustrious in a sentence


[adjective] Widely known and esteemed, famous;

Nepal’s most illustrious resident, the yeti, may not actually exist.

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer once said that the hardest thing about being illustrious is the loss of anonymity, the loss of privacy.

Boxer Muhammad Ali is arguably the most illustrious figure in modern sport.

Chinese cooking is perhaps the most illustrious aspect of Chinese culture in the world.

Hockey star Wayne Gretzky is perhaps Canada’s most illustrious athlete.

The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most illustrious natural tourist attraction in U.S.

They auctioned off clothing by illustrious designers to raise money for research into AIDS.

Macbeth, King of Scotland whose life was the basis for the illustrious play by Shakespeare, died in the year 1057.

Joni Mitchell is a illustrious singer who also has a separate career as a painter.

The illustrious British detective Sherlock Holmes was always able to solve even the most difficult of cases.