illiterate – illiteracy in a sentence

use illiterate – illiteracy in a sentence


[adjective] Not able to read or write;

More than 70 per cent of the population is illiterate and this rises to nearly 90 per cent amongst women.

The illiterate man was eager to increase his vocabulary.

They are not illiterate in the sense that they can not read or write at all.

Seldom do we find a person who is so illiterate that he could not write his own name.

Many of the villagers are illiterate and poor.

It was widely known locally that Billy was illiterate and was rehearsed by his grand-daughter in learning the proclamations he had to “cry” through the town.


[noun] Ignorance resulting from not reading, An inability to read;

Overcoming the illiteracy problem is one of the key strategic goals in the education policy of the Republic of Macedonia.

There are 2.2 million Tanzanian children out of school and illiteracy rates are rising by two per cent a year.

Girls and women account for two-thirds of children out of school and of adult illiteracy.

Educating women to help them overcome illiteracy and develop their social roles.

High levels of illiteracy and poor public health are consequences of the country’s weak social provision.