identifiable in a sentence

Most of the birds are easily identifiable.

Cave 9 produced only small, unidentifiable fragments.

It would be easily identifiable as an “insiders” conversation.

The helicopter models were identifiable but were not highly detailed.

Grey propaganda is propaganda without any identifiable source or author.

Components Typical saddles are composed of a few identifiable components.

It is frequently identifiable as an inverted V-shaped ridge, Gray, Henry.

Several patterns of associations with different consorts are identifiable.

Anyway, the name was eventually shortened to the more identifiable Hayman.

Also, the song ” Movin’ Out ” is a highly identifiable song for Long Islanders.

It is easily identifiable allowing anyone to be able to authenticate a banknote.

Spanish Texas did not welcome easily identifiable Jews, but they came in any case.

Debris Avalanche blocks are identifiable because they keep their internal stratigraphy.

The lute is identifiable by its size and shape, with the pear-shaped body and angled head.

This was a considered as study in racial identity because the body parts were not identifiable.

The remaining 113 people were classified as missing, for no identifiable parts were ever found.

The first identifiable civilization in this area were the Dacians who left traces of their past.

Religious democracy falls within the framework of modern rationality and has identifiable elements.

Many of the instruments in Alien were used in such atypical ways they were virtually unidentifiable.

Some of the doors and one of the bedroom windows are still clearly identifiable as is part of the roof.