hundred thousand dollars in a sentence

That building was estimated to cost several hundred thousand dollars .

The artist earned several hundred thousand dollars selling the sculptures.

The plan eventually generated five hundred thousand dollars in pledges.

The award was later reduced to nine hundred thousand dollars .

Now comes my chance at a hundred thousand dollars .

I’m gonna sue you for a hundred thousand dollars honey.

This vessel originally cost the Government over a hundred thousand dollars .

The company now has a capital of one hundred thousand dollars .

It was proposed to raise one hundred thousand dollars for educational purposes.

He was offered a relatively small contract of one hundred thousand dollars .

Indeed, the lending museums receive guarantees of several hundred thousand dollars .

Realistically , just a couple hundred thousand dollars .

Let ‘s see your question for a hundred thousand dollars .

It would have amounted probably to over one hundred thousand dollars .

The total cost can be several hundred thousand dollars exclusive of associate salary.

Several rich Spaniards contributed more than six hundred thousand dollars to its construction.

You don’t have to spend 50 or a hundred thousand dollars .

In all, RTC’s claim in bankruptcy is several hundred thousand dollars .

This is an increase of over one hundred thousand dollars per carat purchased.

The contract to provide these cabinets is worth several hundred thousand dollars to Shape.

McGovern also began making frequent speeches, earning several hundred thousand dollars a year.