horseshoe in a sentence

The old man threw the horseshoe with a swift, underhand motion.

Blacksmiths at the heritage village site show visitors how to forge horseshoes and farm implements.

Blacksmiths at the heritage village show visitors how horseshoes and farm implements were made 100 years ago.

Its elegant horseshoe pedestal design inspired the Lexington’s name.

The fire broke out yesterday afternoon just below Highway 99 in horseshoe Bay.

Bent concrete pylons and a few scattered horseshoes remained on the home’s limestone slab.

As are basketball courts, horseshoe pits and playgrounds.

Ferry traffic on Highway 1 at the horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.

Other traditions require that the horseshoe be found to be effective.

Shaped like a horseshoe, the islet was originally an aboriginal settlement.

In place of the Craw’s left hand is a powerful horseshoe magnet, hence his name.

The inner spaces of these buildings are all divided by typical horseshoe arches.

The fort is horseshoe shaped, with a length of 1300 metres and width of 1000 metres.

On May 7, 1941, Eltinge fell ill while performing at Billy Rose’s Diamond horseshoe.

horseshoe A horseshoe is a type of turnaround maneuver found on Maurer Sohne coasters.

This may form part of the Kentmere horseshoe walk which also includes the Ill Bell ridge.

All the settlements follow the shape of the underlying terrain, a horseshoe-shaped plateau.

Reining horses are usually fitted with special horseshoes on the hind feet called slide plates.

The building is very symmetrical and can be described as a box with a horseshoe attached to it.

In 2004 the Binions horseshoe sign was relocated to the boneyard when Harrah’s bought the casino.

This passage leads in to the beutiful deep bay that is surrounded by the horseshoe shaped island.

The Longhorns also were the first team to ever beat the Buckeyes in a night game at The horseshoe.