hopi in a sentence

Hopi had the same caliber of talent.

Traditionally the Hopi are highly skilled micro or subsistence farmers.

Many Hopi children are being raised in the language.

Hopi dialects differ in their number of consonants.

The Hopi originally were against conversion to Catholicism.

There are six basic vowels in Hopi in a skewed system.

This expedition returned to Hopi territory to acquire scouts and supplies.

The Hopi view the snake as a fertility symbol.

The Hopi have always viewed their land as sacred.

T he Hopi Nation has a substantial legal worry.

There are no such formalities with ” Hopi “.

They attacked the Hopi Indian villages for supplies.

Meanwhile, the Hopi tribe prepared an appeal.

The Hopi india have chakra system in their spiritual practice.

A large Hopi kiva is the centerpiece inside the museum.

Since 1990, these have included a Hopi sacred prayer walk.

The Hopi tribe earns most of its income from natural resources.

This drilling brought over 3 million dollars to the Hopi Tribe.

The Hopi have always continued to officially complain about this.

There are the legendary annual messages from the Hopi Elders.

The Hopi used the plant in the treatment of syphilis.

How is the Hopi concept of time affected by environment?

He’s part Hopi , part Navajo.

In Arizona she provided dental services to Hopi people.