hooliganism in a sentence

Tough action has cut down football hooliganism .

This violent type of fan reaction is often called hooliganism .

The game was unfortunately marred by hooliganism .

hooliganism reflects local ethnic divisions and tensions.

Football hooliganism has been defined as a major social problem.

The propensity to hooliganism is inherent in every society.

hooliganism had become a risk and crowds were down.

Officials often classified the crimes as ” hooliganism .

hooliganism has also been present in lower leagues.

If we defend ourselves is that hooliganism ?

We let off steam in graffiti, vandalism and football hooliganism .

Football hooliganism in Spain arises from three main sources.

Police detained the activists who face charges of hooliganism .

hooliganism at Myanmar’s football matches is common.

hooliganism was commonplace at matches between the clubs in the past.

Similarly, in England football hooliganism has a long history.

hooliganism is getting out of control in Holland.

In addition the society suffered from local and apparently purposeless hooliganism .

For us it is drunkenness with a touch of hooliganism .

It is hooliganism on the part of the CCP.

What was worrying about this phenomenon was its accompaniment by financial hooliganism .

In the 1960s, hooliganism in England became more widely reported.

Dutch football has been increasingly dogged by hooliganism over the past few years.