homeless person in a sentence

There are many places where a homeless person might seek refuge.

In addition, officials set up tents to house 40,000 homeless persons .

Consider too the vulnerability of the homeless person with no fixed abode.

This was another case which homeless persons occupying temporary accommodation.

She acts like your screaming homeless person sometimes.

The average age of death of a homeless person is 47 .

Which celeb was mistaken for a homeless person & given food?

Also, there are no homeless persons with intellectual disabilities.

Even a homeless person could post on this thread.

Mennonite Church USA did not ask this homeless person to leave.

The next time one of us passes a homeless person .

Some children may even be worse “monsters” than the homeless person .

The homeless persons sought judicial review of that resolution by the local authority.

It’s not that I’d never met a homeless person before.

There are approximately 500 homeless persons in Croatia, largely living in Zagreb.

Squeegee Man: A homeless person who chants “Honest living!

Ask the homeless person in the church,, they will tell you.

Japan’s Pride organization in 2001 marketed Jackson as being a homeless person .