hockey in a sentence

His entire life revolves around hockey.

Wayne Gretzky is a giant in the world of hockey.

The hockey fight is a uniquely Canadian spectacle.

hockey referees wear white and black striped jerseys.

Find someone who thinks hockey is a brutal sport.

My son is a hockey addict who watches every game he can.

Raymond Bourque’s hockey career spanned more than 20 years.

Mitch’s talent for hockey was obvious from a very early age.

We had to fit 5 kids, plus all their hockey gear into the van.

Finland is competing with Russia for the gold medal in hockey.

The winning hockey team was chiefly composed of Canadian players.

Watching my son’s hockey games are often the highlight of my week.

hockey star Wayne Gretzky is perhaps Canada’s most famous athlete.

My son’s hockey team came in second in the tournament last weekend.

My mother always gets upset when there is a fight in a hockey game.

The red on his hockey jersey bled into the white when we washed it.

My son went to the party with a gang of friends from his hockey team.

hockey fever has once again hit the country as the playoffs approach.

hockey is a really tough sport, with players getting hurt quite often.

If you don’t wash your hockey gear, it will smell really bad tomorrow.

If you don’t wash your hockey gear, it will smell really bad tomorrow.

hockey fights are an unfortunately characteristic feature of the sport.

We went to Boston with a gang of friends to see the Bruins hockey game.

We’re going to stay home, and watch the hockey game on the tube tonight.

Being a goalie in hockey requires a great deal of speed and flexibility.