Hoard in a sentence

use Hoard in a sentence


[verb] to save up or gather together, usually as for future use;

Everyone hoarded food and other consumables at home and seldom went out.

Autumn brings rich red and gold trees, with nuts and seeds for wildlife to hoard for the Winter.

The U.S. government hoards 147.3 million ounces of gold reserves in Fort Knox.

Don’t hoard lots of old email messages – There is only have a certain amount of space allocated for your mailboxes.

According to some observers, the middle and lower classes have begun hoarding even basic household items, fearing that their prices will soon rise too.

[noun] a collection saved for future use;

Notable finds have included a hoard of 1562 silver coins dating to AD 272.

Among its files was a hoard of letters written to her lover.

A hoard of gold coins was in the cave.

Hannah felt a hoard of nervous butterflies take flight in her stomach.