Histrionic in a sentence

Use Histrionic in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]theatrical; exaggerated;

Histrionic individuals use adverbial intensifiers and exaggeration.

She has a rather histrionic outlook on life sometimes.

Histrionic people may show less concern about organization and much more for the emotions they express.

Histrionic people are lively , dramatic , vivacious , enthusiastic , and flirtatious .

People with histrionic styles tend to be very open and emotional.

As family, we are not given to histrionics/theatrics.

It was n’t until Sigmund Freud who studied histrionic personality disorder in a psychological manner.

When you first see him, it’s the histrionic personality that comes forward.

Thanks to this work , Lucero was able to show at the theater community histrionic and vocal ability .

She has great histrionic abilities and sensuality.

He was noted more for his histrionic skills than for his voice, however.