Hindu in a sentence

The laws regulating Hindu religious marks was withdrawn.

The tank has twelve minor shrines containing Hindu deities.

Hindu traditional literary sources say little about homosexuality directly.

Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations.

Hindus may use both natural and artificial contraceptives.

Hindus worship a single god with different forms.

Hindu deities are often depicted with multiple arms and heads.

Hindus are 40% in this part.

Hindus were attacked and many were raped and killed.

Hindu funeral rites may be simple or exceedingly complex.

Hindu mythology literature has such type of marriages in abundance.

Police sometimes assisted Hindu fundamentalists in committing violent acts.

Hindu priest was shot dead for campaigning against religious conversions.

Special prayers were performed in Hindu temples.

The Hindu view of women is deeply ambivalent.

This equality was unthinkable in Hindu society.

Two Hindu monasteries were set on fire.

These objects are revered still today by Hindus .

Rehabilitation is yet another goal of Hindu punishment.

One Hindu was killed and seven injured.

Hindus were killed, raped and abducted indiscriminately.

The Hindus were killed wherever they were found.

Many Hindus were killed or brutally assaulted.

Christians and Hindus got along fairly peacefully.

Local folks call it Hindu snake temple.