Himalayan in a sentence

A majestic serene lake surrounded by mighty Himalayan peaks.

He distinguished himself on several arduous winter Himalayan expeditions.

I visited different villages in Himalayan mountains.

Trans Himalayan migratory birds visit the lake.

Below 1500 m elevation lie the Himalayan subtropical pine forests.

The metaphysical properties of pink Himalayan salt are astounding.

The Himalayan mountains are “young” with unstable land mass.

Bhutan has its own brand of Himalayan herbal medicines.

This is grown in the Himalayan ranges during summer months.

The lower Himalayan range is 40 km north of it.

The Himalayan region is dotted with hundreds of lakes.

Off went the pupil to his Himalayan cave again.

You can get 70+ trace minerals in pink Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Man will bring you the highest rewards.

This Himalayan honey bee hive disappears in a matter of days.

If not, where is the Himalayan country headed?

As such, they lived around the southern Himalayan region.

The drift continues, causing frequent earthquakes in the Himalayan region.

It is the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

He is a pure bread Seal Point Himalayan .

A second report titled Himalayan Solutions was published in January 2011.

Centre for Himalayan Studies special lecture, 8.

Its nearest relative is the Himalayan tahr.