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This week on Current Affairs we are spotlighting the growing high-tech industry.

high-tech industries are perceived to be of importance to our nation’s economic growth.

The emergent high-tech industry in China has made some important advances in the past few years.

Coast Computer Systems has recently joined the ranks of high-tech companies relocating to our city.

These computer programs will help new graduates forge a promising career in the high-tech industry.

high-tech companies are really prospering, and there are lots of jobs available in the industry these days.

The dynamically expanding high-tech industry has been fuelling the economy of this region for the past decade.

The government is forecasting economic growth in the medicine and high-tech sectors as a result of this new legislation.

Development of high-tech industries in our country is lagging, and we need to take measures to catch up with the rest of Europe.

958747 You don’t have to be a high-tech producer to be a high-tech user.

942399 Why on Earth does any business in high-tech Taiwan still use msX.

One thing making that easier is the high-tech nature of the vessel itself.

After VR, Zuckerberg predicts, the next frontier will be high-tech telepathy.

It would force a rewrite of all our assumptions of 21st century, high-tech war.

high-tech Overbite Correction with the non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry Method.

“Today, the global high-tech factory model is increasingly running out of steam..

Sound panels will contain noise coming from the same high-tech used at The Gorge.

To watch a video of how high-tech Bridge exploited this vulnerability click here.

Pierce Brosnan uses a cell phone to drive the high-tech 750iL — off a roof, alas.