high and low in a sentence

1 I am currently experiencing strange high and low emotions.

2 A differentiation is made between higher and lower probability indicators.

3 Controls shall include audible and visible high and low temperature alarm.

4 What are its highest and lowest grades?

5 There were highs and lows but progressively more lows.

6 The pattern of lower highs and lower lows persists.

7 The highest and lowest item scores for manufacturing are shown below.

8 One method is to examine high and low temperature ranges.

9 Emotional control is achieved by producing extreme emotional highs and lows .

10 Make connections in high and low places.

11 Used in high and low temperature areas.

12 The sampling tolerance rate is lower for high and low percentages.

13 The airway structure is divided into high and low altitudes.

14 It consists of high and low hills.

15 It was searched for high and low .

16 It involves extreme mood swings that alternate between highs and lows .

17 The colors are set accordingly to high and low air pressure .

18 Both candles must have identical highs and lows .

19 This chapter examines those purposes, both high and low .

20 Gas fired; check high and low fuel pressure switches.