heretical in a sentence

This heretical view is beginning to gain support.

Various solutions were developed that were ultimately deemed heretical .

Fresh passion fruit is heretical but wonderfully aromatic.

That is completely heretical and quite dangerous.

No formal charge of heretical teaching was ever brought.

It is a heretical doctrine of devils.

That anyone who says that is heretical .

My position is as heretical among psychologists as psychiatrists.

Nowhere did the heretical emperors meet with more courageous resistance.

Scott utilized his own funds to distribute heretical pamphlets.

The words written were in my mind both heretical and controversial.

Allow me a brief but somewhat heretical observation.

Other Muslim rulers soon acted to crush this powerful heretical movement.

All other Christian sects were explicitly declared heretical and illegal.

Now isn’t that a heretical thought?

And that has to be heretical “.

This already shows their heretical view of Christianity.

Additional meats and sauces however are considered heretical by purists.

I’m being a little heretical this year though.

True, many of our heretical enemies have been slain.

So trying to coopt it for political purposes is heretical .

Aquinas was materially heretical with his teaching on unbaptized infants.

Others developed into flagellants or other practices considered heretical .

He is politically heretical within the Modern liberal-capitalist era.