henceforth in a sentence

The right direction is henceforth distinct from error.

Organized opposition was henceforth restricted to channels within the party.

Lisbon was henceforth recognized as the capital.

The caliph was henceforth limited to temporal rule only.

We must henceforth shift from fighting terrorism to fighting insurgency.

ASL was henceforth recognized as a national language.

I pray that henceforth I may follow thy path.

The rebels henceforth became known as Confederates.

Consistency is henceforth taken for granted unless explicitly mentioned.

Although henceforth preferred to patients who insist on smoking.

From henceforth he shall continue To judge hatred and arrogance.

The party in the state would henceforth grow rapidly.

I will henceforth change to the latter.

Now disabled, he was henceforth confined to bed.

And every delay is henceforth to our opponents’ advantage.