hemmed and hawed in a sentence

1 I hemmed and hawed about it for a while, but I bit my tongue.

2 Mac hemmed and hawed .it wasn’t a good interview and didn’t serve his book well.

3 By the time I hemmed and hawed over the air suspension issue , it had already been sold by hours.

4 The man was a mensch who hemmed and hawed about ‘preparing for the future of industry’ and then cut out.

5 Vietnam’s foreign minister, Nguyen Co Thach, hemmed and hawed and told reporters that he had ‘not yet accepted and not yet rejected’ the conditions.

6 June of 2012 presented the United Nations Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which disappointed many as international representatives hemmed and hawed instead of establishing true endeavors to tackle global warming.

7 Dr. Brown Since viewing my MRI and X-ray, the medical people have hemmed and hawed , not giving me the scoop, instead verbally obfuscating while wearing guarded countenances.

8 He hemmed and hawed and after a few minutes I realized it all came down to a difference in the way we like to interact with people.

9 The EU hemmed and hawed and finally agreed , but with a very big requirement which takes structural adjustment to a new level of abuse – they required “a one-off 10 percent tax on savings over €100,000 and a 6.75 percent tax on small depositors.

10 The only time we went there it was right on closing time but unlike a recent reviewer the manager stayed back while we hemmed and hawed about this and that , she had expert knowledge which was shocking as we usually go to Baby’s R Us.

11 If, when asked to adopt the Costume, you hemmed and hawed , you were visited by one of the Ax-Wielders and made an offer you couldn’t refuse: be convinced or be minced .

12 He hemmed and hawed and rambled through a number of subjects before making a sideways approach to what he really seemed to need, which was any useful or memorable detail that would be worth noting about the previous night’s client.

13 ” They hemmed and hawed and walked away.

14 Five years ago I would have hemmed and hawed while talking to you.

15 “The ranchers”, Deputy Billy Whelan, Jr. later described, ” hemmed and hawed and tried to make us think they were at other places.

16 UK Nike Blazers Their terrified looked at two dogs, a good half day just hemmed and hawed said: Xuan, Xuan Fei, you let me now carrying two dogs in the mountain, not want for his money