hefty in a sentence

Such overseas trips often involve hefty overtime charges .

They were plump, hefty looking fish.

But there are some pretty hefty problems.

I paid a hefty price for applying personal integrity.

Which is why this episode felt so hefty .

They were hefty men in their forties.

A power output of a hefty 200 hp generated exciting performance.

Nothing we eat is worth its hefty price tag .

The disadvantage to foam pillows is they are generally quite hefty .

Many other fish are of similar hefty proportions .

The hefty price tag is its only negative.

And of course the hefty debate that follows!

Use kilometer tax and drop hefty tax on new cars.

His hefty cock with whip cream on it.

That’s a hefty 10% gain in both departments.

Acer must have paid hefty sum for such a favorable judgement.

The packaging was hefty and protected the glass extremely well.

That left me in a pretty hefty loan debt situation.

Only hefty tax increases allowed the municipal budget to be balanced.

No more hefty coupon books to carry into the restaurant.

It must have been a pretty hefty bit of storm damage.

Members pay a hefty price for their costumes.

hefty ban and fine are the only possible outcomes.

Those hoping to buy should expect to pay a hefty price.

Taxes are to rise by a hefty $243 billion.