heed heedful heedless in a sentence

use heed heedful heedless in a sentence


[verb]To pay attention to something or someone;

He doesn’t heed any advice.

Politicians should heed public opinion when deciding on such issues.

They have heeded the warnings and stayed off the roads in such heavy snow.

[noun]attention to something or someone;notice;

The students gave no heed to the warning.

Obama seems to have taken heed during his 2008 presidential campaign.


[adjective]paying attention to;

Heedful of the fog, she drove the car slowly and carefully.

Lucy took heedful steps around his room so as not to awaken the baby.


[adjective]showing no attention to;

Lamborn tried asking the question again, heedless of the sensitivity of the topic.

Heedless of time’s passage, the children played some games joyfully.