hearing aid in a sentence

Recent hearing aids include wireless hearing aids .

Modern hearing aids feature advanced technological features.

These “automatic” hearing aids generally require more battery power.

Larger hearing aids generally require larger hearing aid batteries.

Larger hearing aids generally require larger hearing aid batteries.

Feedback has often left power hearing aid users isolated and embarrassed.

We sell hearing aids to help others.

Many states have laws governing hearing aid sales.

Advanced digital hearing aids should be explored.

hearing aids are incredibly tiny pieces of technology.

This is usually accomplished with several different hearing aid accessories.

hearing aid using vacuum tubes was patented in 1921.

hearing aids are partially effective for many.

hearing aids currently sell for $1500 per unit.

Paul wears hearing aids in both ears.

Some hearing aids automatically switch the microphone mode.

But she had never tried hearing aids .

Advanced hearing aids offer several different levels of technology.