health-care in a sentence

The interventions tended reduce organization health-care costs.

These programs keep employees feeling better and reduce overall health-care spending.

So would tort reform lower health-care costs?

The program encompassed 70 prisons and 21 health-care facilities.

He argued that health-care reform is deficit reduction.

But the federal health-care overhaul makes further wandering unnecessary.

Florida’s health-care plan was recently approved.

Our health-care system is in need of serious reforms.

Face reading thus started in the health-care industry.

The committee also criticized the provincial prison health-care system.

They also recommend ways to improve health-care policy.

China is undertaking reform of its health-care system.

The province began regulating these health-care professionals in 2005.

It was the second major health-care deal this week.

Both spoke about local health-care delivery and financing issues.

Particularly instructive is the effort to repeal health-care reform .

The current health-care system gives insurance companies all the power.

Our job market and health-care system are in disarray.

As someone ages, their health-care costs are increasing.

Moreover, it drains scarce health-care resources.