headquarters || in a sentence

The corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles.

The soldier sent a coded message to headquarters.

The general commanded him to report to headquarters.

The army is planning a raid on the enemy’s headquarters tomorrow morning.

Find someone who had read the headlines of today’s newspaper.

The headquarters of our Internet business are actually located in my living room.

The company is moving its headquarters to Mexico, where production costs are lower.

The New York headquarters of the United Nations requires the services of 4,500 people.

The firm’s headquarters are in Atlanta, but they have branches all over North America.

The headquarters of the rebel group was hit by a smart bomb that killed everyone inside.

Our newest product line will be officially launched at a huge party at company headquarters.

Toronto is being considered as a site for the headquarters of a new Olympic anti-doping institution.

The company has branches in cities all over the world, but their headquarters are located in New York.

The soldiers were told to hold their position pending further instructions from military headquarters.

French residents or French companies with their headquarters in Monaco pay no tax in that tiny country.

During World War Two, Algiers, the capital of Algeria, served as a major headquarters for the Allied forces.

The city of Halifax has one of the best natural harbors in the world, and is the headquarters of Canada’s navy.

The atmosphere in the party headquarters was quite gloomy as it became apparent that they had lost the election.

In February of 1952, the United Nations held its first meetings in its new permanent headquarters in New York.

In Mongolia, weddings consist of a signing of the marriage register at county headquarters, followed by a family feast.

My dad has just gotten a job in his company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, so we’re going to move in a couple of months.

The Beatles made their last public appearance at a free concert on the roof of their Apple corporate headquarters in 1969.

In Mongolia, weddings consist of a formal signing of the marriage register at county headquarters, followed by a family feast.

Although he always wanted to work at the main headquarters in Seoul, he had to work for years at subsidiary companies in the provinces.

I can’t make that big a decision by myself.

I’m going to have to speak with someone at our company headquarters before doing anything.