hawk in a sentence

The hawk has piercing eyes.

The little bunny stayed motionless in the tall grass until the hawk flew away.

Niagara Falls takes its name from a Mohawk Indian word meaning ‘thunder of waters.

Stephen hawking once suggested that it is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value.

The words Dr.

hawking was choosing this morning would be printed out and sent to the publisher of his book.

Rejecting the urging of his physician father to study medicine, hawking chose instead to concentrate on mathematics and physics.

Physicist Stephen hawking once said, “My goal is simple.

It is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.

Starhawk once remarked that each being is sacred – meaning that each has inherent value that cannot be ranked in a hierarchy or compared to the value of anoth
Physicist Steven hawking once remarked, “It often happens that I have an idea, but then I try to fill in the intermediate steps, and find they don’t work, so I have to giv
But you couldn’t come back to our universe,” hawking said last week.

The Seahawks also will use David King and Will Tukuafu to add depth.

As the hawk took off, it lost its grip on the kitten and dropped it.

She’s been a Seahawks season ticket holder since the very beginning.

The accident happened in hawkenbury Road, hawkenbury, at around 8pm.

So the tri-Cities has more enthusiasm for the Seahawks than Seattle?

@Sparky2112 I wear a Shaun Alexander jersey before every hawks game.

And not just in the way a football team might unify a city (Go hawks!

He also took over from Dan hawkins four games into the 2013 campaign.

The Seahawks’ defense was almost as big of a revelation in Minnesota.

The Blackhawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 to win the Cup.

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743123 The local Seahawks Nation in Yakima Thursday was 2,000 strong.