harvesting in a sentence

Wheat harvesting and cotton planting were delayed for several more weeks.

Eddy says all types of harvesting will take place, including clear-cutting.

422158 It was bamboo harvesting day today in prep to fly our worldOne flags.

Erasmus said the conservation area shouldn’t just focus on restricted harvesting.

Instead of harvesting his peanuts and cotton, Wannamaker is playing a waiting game.

7 photos: harvesting rainwater for India’s driest region The rainwater is clean and safe.

ISIS blogger recruits women for terror group Is ISIS in the business of harvesting organs?

“We have late crops of tomatoes, half runners and sweet corn we are harvesting right now.’

Vegetable growers were harvesting peas, corn and tomatoes to sell at local farmers markets.

Many parts of the region remained very wet, which was preventing fieldwork and hay harvesting.

Hay harvesting was proceeding well, with yields ranging from four to six round bales to the acre.

In the northern part of the region, producers began harvesting peanuts and planting wheat and oats.

In practice, tax-loss harvesting is done as a part of a comprehensive investment management strategy.

As most producers will start harvesting sorghum silage very soon, some fields will have to be sprayed.

Bali is an agricultural land , fertile for rice harvesting.