harmful in a sentence

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to us.

Too many sun’s rays are harmful to your skin.

A long spell of rainy weather is harmful to plants.

Drinking alcohol can be very harmful to the unborn child.

We often eat foods which are harmful to our health without knowing it.

A recent study suggests that hostile spouses may be harmful to one another’s health.

A Chinese proverb notes that anger is always more harmful than the insult that caused it.

Discussion question: Which do you consider to be more harmful to society, cigarettes or alcohol? harsh
You only have to make a few foreign friends to understand how harmful national stereotypes are.

Sunscreen with a rating of 25 or more acts as an effective shield against harmful rays from the sun.

People consume harmful pesticides when they eat plants and animals that have the chemicals in their tissues.

Adbusters Magazine once challenged a major producer of vodka to a public debate on the harmful effects of alcohol.

The main function of human skin is to keep the internal organs from drying up, and to prevent harmful germs from getting inside.

Hopefully, scientists will someday find a new source of energy which is less harmful for the environment than oil or nuclear power.

I think we need legislation to protect consumers from genetically-modified foods until it has been proven that this food is not harmful.

On local farms, a lot of tomatoes are grown without the use of pesticides, farmers use beneficial insects instead to control harmful pests.

There is a sign warning people to stay off the grass because it has just been sprayed with pesticide, and could be harmful to one’s health.