Harangue in a sentence

Use Harangue in a sentence

Harangue ;

Meaning: [verb, noun]to speak in a loud angry way for a long time; a noisy, attacking speech ;

Witnessing a Hitler harangue in person for the first time, he wrote: # ” We are strong and will get stronger, ”

Don Eugenio continued his harangue, but Ana couldn’t concentrate.

Finally, when their long-winded harangue, delivered in a lawyerly monotone, was finished, I sat dumbfounded.

This was a harangue, and he didn’t know what he was talking about.

People with long-term marriages stand up and harangue the divorced, picturing themselves as virtuous and steadfast and the divorced as irresponsible and immature.

He had been using an improvised megaphone to harangue the crowds, declaring that the inmates were being killed.

Alice and Henry snipe at and harangue each other through a rehash of marital ruts and potholes that have left them both spiritually spent.

For anyone who knows anything about the Russian dictator, this translates into an hourlong harangue and denunciation of the United States, NATO and European Union.

He often popped up to harangue troops on radio broadcasts or by phoning in to a local TV or radio station.