hangings in a sentence

That number has now exceeded 200 hangings .

Until 1868 hangings were performed in public.

The keep was richly decorated with hangings and furnishings.

The chamber was decorated with wall hangings and carpets.

Selective hangings and bias judiciary is taking India nowhere .

What we need are a few exemplary hangings .

They were even used as wall hangings .

His wife created embroidered hangings to accompany her husband’s works.

Chinese embroidered silk hangings covered the walls of the reception room.

hangings were administered by the county where the trial took place.

The public could attend hangings until June 19, 1931.

Tradition dictates that hangings are always set for August.

She pointed at the poster announcing the public hangings .

hangings were frequent in the ghetto, almost a daily occurrence.

The rich hangings were gone from the walls of the houses.

Clothing, wall hangings , and other intriguing choices abound.

All of these were hangings due to conviction for murder.