Hangar in a sentence

Use Hangar in a sentence

Hangar ;

Meaning: [noun ] garage) for a plane ;

Two airplanes, one large and one small, were at rest in the hangar.

In exchange, he swept hangars and washed planes.

“It was during the day, so it was very light inside the hangar.

Construction of a new £700,000 hangar is entering the final phase.

Prince’s father stands in front of the airplane hangar in its prime.

A makeshift facade of a cathedral was constructed in front of the hangar.

Previously, NASA had used the facility as a space shuttle processing hangar.

NBC News All three jets were in a large hangar in a secure area of the airport.

He started AeroCopters, a helicopter company, and built a hangar at Boeing Field.

I was also surprised by a lot of the equipment on the walls of the hangar.”

I would like to see the hangar, with shuttles and equipment inside, become a museum.