Handily in a sentence

He won handily with 71 percent of the vote.

The middle game of the day saw Baylor handily beat Mizzou 39-8.

Only Hunstein received any opposition, which she overcame handily.

Meyner defeated Malcolm Forbes handily in 1957 in his bid for re-election.

She won handily and served in Congress from 1983 until her retirement in 1997.

There were a few close races, but Carmichael handily struck down every challenge.

The Romanians were defeated handily by each of the two other teams, finishing third in the three-team round-robin and winning bronze medals.

This was a wise move on behalf of Ford, as this year’s Thunderbird handily outsold the Oldsmobile Cutlass to become America’s top selling personal luxury sedan.

The only Democrat since Lyndon Johnson to exceed 3,600 votes in Hutchinson County was Jimmy Carter in 1976, but Gerald R. Ford handily defeated him in the county.

When a rebellion in East Germany was harshly suppressed by the Red Army in June 1953, Adenauer took full advantage of the situation and was handily re-elected to a second term as Chancellor.

In response, Tony challenges Sunny to a ten-minute match in which Sunny must steal the ball from Tony; Tony defeats Sunny handily, proving that although he has been discredited, he has not lost his skills.

Malien Première Division 2007/08 2008 was a year of great success for Djoliba, having finished the year before in second place to their cross town rivals, Djoliba handily took the cup and league double in 2008.