handily in a sentence

Indeed, despite the fact that Baruch shared this list almost 60 years ago, its value and relevance have handily stood the test of time.

Both men handily finished first in their June primaries, but, like Stark in 2012, they will now go again against the second-place finishers.

With Falcao in the stands, Colombians were cheering 22-year-old playmaker James Rodriguez, handily called “El Nuevo Pibe,” or the “New Kid.”

We really thought we’d win and win handily.

O’Brien handily won the election garnering 60% of the vote.

Niemeyer won his dead rubber handily over unheralded Lavaughan Munroe.

He then faced teammate Chen Jin in the semi-finals and beat him handily in two sets.

In both of those years he was opposed by a Libertarian Richard Kerr, but Mollohan won handily.

Díaz’s troops handily defeated Tejada’s and Díaz and his armies marched into Mexico City in triumph.

He won handily in the Jackson Purchase region, which was by far the most pro-Southern area of the state.

MacGrath was advised not to train the horse in the week leading up to his elimination, yet he won handily in 1:49.0.

The city of Montreal was hosting Expo 67 that year, and the Canadiens were expected to beat the Leafs quite handily.

In the election of June 1992, Klaus’s Civic Democratic Party won handily in the Czech lands on a platform of economic reform.