handicapped in a sentence

Poland’s important agricultural sector continues to be handicapped by surplus labor, inefficient small farms, and lack of investment.

The Special Olympics offers a chance for physically and mentally handicapped athletes to compete in sports at an elite level.

Our handicapped 18-year-old son has a mental age of about 3.

It is important to integrate the handicapped into the mainstream of our society by overcoming prejudices against hiring the disabled.

In the future, we won’t be handicapped by old age.

Her brother is severely mentally-handicapped, and must be taken care of 24 hours a day.

She is handicapped by poor hearing.

He is mentally handicapped.

Our university authorities are considering the admission of handicapped students.

Volunteering with handicapped children is a very rewarding experience.

Volunteers collected donations for the benefit of the handicapped.

She finds her job working with handicapped children very rewarding because the kids are very loving.

It is difficult for mentally-handicapped patients who are institutionalized to have intimate relationships with others because of the serious lack of privacy.

The country’s economy has long been handicapped by its land-locked location, high energy costs, and history of instability.

People who only speak one language are severely handicapped in the world of international business.

Jane’s brother Daryl is mentally-handicapped, and needs to be taken care of.

Phyllis found she was somewhat handicapped when she returned to work because her computer skills were lacking.

Norway has a number of centers and clubs which are designed to encourage handicapped people to take part in sporting activities.

Discussion question: What services are provided for the handicapped in your country?
She finds her job working with mentally-handicapped children very fulfilling, and would never consider doing any other kind of work.

handicapped residents of the housing complex receive a supplement to help with rent costs.

The National Council on the handicapped notes that a curb is a wall to a handicapped person.

He is handicapped by poor health.

She devoted her life to helping the handicapped.

She does volunteer work with mentally-handicapped children at the hospital.

The teacher has a couple of assistants who work one on one with her handicapped students.

Find someone who knows someone who is handicapped.