handgun in a sentence

On Friday, RCMP searched a home in Halifax and seized: A 9-mm handgun.

The two suspects also had two 9mm semiautomatic handguns, police said.

778876 The registered owner of the handgun is a relative, officers say.

He had also been convicted in 2009 of robbing a gas bar with a handgun.

701267 The constables would be armed with their standard-issue handguns.

621171 She was referring to a Glock handgun and to military-style rifles.

The replica handgun was not located until Saturday afternoon, two days later.

Sealy described the man as being armed with a handgun and a knife at the mall.

The man threatened to shoot himself with a handgun he had, Racine police said.

As he walked back out, he set down a handgun and was arrested soon thereafter.

The man also was armed with a handgun at the time of the shooting, police said.

High-end handgun maker Cabot Guns is making a pair of pistols from a meteorite.

A semi-automatic handgun was discovered next to one of the dead men, Crump said.

Investigators found an empty nine-millimeter, semi-automatic handgun at the scene.

As a result of detaining and doing consent search of the car a handgun was seized.

Authorities said they seized two handguns and ammunition from Bogoslavski’s house.

658564 Tavious Tipler, 19, used social media to try and find a buyer for a handgun.

He said he had “tunnel vision” when he supposedly spotted the man with the handgun.

Graves said Merritt pawned the handgun, which investigators collected from the shop.

The suspect ran five city blocks before being tracked down, carrying a loaded handgun.

A report said the boy picked up a handgun in the car and fired it, striking his sister.

Van Dyke continues to fire, unloading every round from his 9-mm Smith & Wesson handgun.

254654 Green appeared to put away the handgun, Hackney told media gathered at the scene.

A search of the truck was done and a handgun was located inside the console of the truck.

Travis Boys was accused of pointing a handgun at a 47-year-old woman and firing one shot.

Lee apparently posted a photograph of the handgun to his Facebook page earlier in the week.

542257 Oregon’s top federal prosecutor said the shooter used a handgun when he opened fire.

Burstein said she saw him raising a handgun in the air, and he fired off six shots in a row.

And they don’t need a permit to carry a rifle, but they do need a permit to carry a handgun.