hammer and nail in a sentence

1 Use hammer and nail punch to sink all protruding nails.

2 Many book artists use a drill or a hammer and nail .

3 Use a hammer and nail punch.

4 The results of the hammer and nail test were the same for each nail.

5 A staple gun is often quicker and safer to use than a hammer and nails .

6 Nailing a shoe to a horse’s hoof is like doing surgery with a hammer and nail .

7 Kemper forces Neilson to keep his mouth open and breaks his front row of teeth using a hammer and nail .

8 Yes, I’ll just take my hammer and nails and BANG BANG BANG!
Get it really tight in there.

12 A grater can be made from an old coffee pot or tin bucket by punching it (outwards) full of holes–a hammer and nail will answer the purpose–and tacking it to a piece of board.

13 The other end, up on the platform, had been nailed down by Tom, who was able to bring a hammer and nails up from the second-floor studio.

14 However, if, in the process, you forget your own joy, it is like being a carpenter who arrives at a building site having left his hammer and nails at home – there is some useful work he can do, but not as much as if he had all the necessary tools.

15 Thank You, Ma’am (by Langston Hughes) She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails .