ham and eggs in a sentence

1 He leaned forward and took the ham and eggs .

2 With sausages, ham and eggs – it is so unhealthy.

3 Unless you want ham and eggs just pass her on by.

4 ham and eggs seem to always make a joint appearance, don’t they?

5 In the mess hall I had orange juice, cereal, ham and eggs and coffee.

6 Waiter, ham and eggs .

7 Glastonbury gave him a vague smile of great sweetness and then fell upon the vast mound of ham and eggs .

8 After the Civil War, it became fairly common in America to eat sandwiches that were made of ham and eggs .

9 ham and eggs , hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, Italian beef, and other meat-based entrees make up the inexpensive menu.

10 The character even mimics some of Bogart’s personal habits, including twice ordering Bogart’s favorite meal of ham and eggs

15 When we have diets called “The Peanut Butter Diet” and the ” ham and eggs Diet” who knows what to believe?

16 ham and eggs is a delicious breakfast.

17 Horse owner Ken Ramsay, who knows Napravnik and Sharp well, says the couple are likable and well-respected, saying “They go together like ham and eggs .

18 In “Mr Norris Changes Trains”, novelist Christopher Isherwood has William Bradshaw eating ham and eggs with Arthur Norris at the first class restaurant of the station.