hallucination in a sentence

In the story, the fact that the escape was a dying man’s hallucination is only revealed at the end of the story.

In this hallucination, Katerina was the science officer of the Red Dwarf before the accident.

Katerina Bartikovsky In a hallucination induced by the ink of a despair squid, the crew encounter Katerina Bartikovsky.

Konami, 2001.) James is quick to dismiss the latter scenario as being a hallucination.

Lilly also appears as a hallucination in the season two premiere, ” Normal Is the Watchword “.

M.U.T.H.E.R responded by pumping them into the air supply during the tour, and the result was a massive hallucination.

Robin eventually figures out what is happening and overcomes the hallucination.

That night, Bart hears mooing as he lies in bed and believes it to be a hallucination caused by his inability to help Lou.

Though dead, she appears as a recurring hallucination to Peter.

Tracy experiences a hallucination of Jeremy’s father, who was violently opposed to their relationship; she screams.

One hallucination revolves around Ylajali ( Gunnel Lindblom ), an apparently refined woman he has met on the street.

Sleep paralysis is known to involve a component of hallucination in 20% of the cases, which may explain these sightings.

This is for House the proof everything was just a hallucination, and he says “goodbye” just before snapping back into reality.

He finds he can no longer sleep and sees Maria again, although the poem leaves it unclear whether this is a hallucination or an actual event.

Moody reappears in a hallucination in the expansion pack, where he can be seen clutching his head, screaming in a prison cell.

Alma approaches Becket, and he is sent into another hallucination, where he fights off apparitions of a maddened Sergeant Keegan.

When it seems obvious to Stan and others that Brett may have suffered a hallucination he produces a goat-head guitar as proof of meeting Satan.

In “Haunted,” Robin is infected with a chemical that causes him to see, hear, and feel a hallucination of Slade and to become mentally unstable.

Chapter 9 hallucination (Volume 4 Chapter 1) Dealing with ghosts isn’t getting any easier for Ai, particularly when some of them aren’t dead yet.