half way through in a sentence

I wonder why he was suddenly dropped from the team half way through?

The singer says she is half way through her treatment she was diagnosed last October.

A sound crew, sent half way through filming, were unable to produce good quality work.

Ariel was drafted from the Bendigo Pioneers in the TAC Cup having joined the Pioneers squad half way through the 2010 season.

Game Seven The Maple Leafs came roaring out, though, as Steve Thomas scored a powerplay goal about half way through the first period.

After all, Christian Streich’s team came back from 1-0 down against this season’s champions half way through the game.

@The WA Mama I was about half way through that, then my eyes crossed.

But, on Monday, he had to leave the training session half way through due to renewed pain in his knee.

Ron Horsefall is about half way through the task, a meticulous labour of love to honour people affected by AIDS and HIV.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies says we are only half way through the cuts programme needed to achieve Chancellor George Osborne’s plans.

Half way through season 2, Matt finds himself torn between two sides.

It’s just typical of Ian to spend all that money on the equipment and then lose interest half way through the course.

As I had to go back to my office after a big luncheon party, I arrived half way through the collection.

half way through my vigil, a cloud wandered in front of the sun and the sky turned ominously dark.