hairless in a sentence

The inside of the acorn shell is hairless.

When born, the juveniles are pink, blind and hairless.

The monster turned out to be a hairless freak known only as “Kappa”.

The Sphynx appears to be a hairless cat, although it is not truly hairless.

It was hairless and had rough, flesh-toned skin, described as tan and sandpaper-like.

Adult males have hairless necks and chests speckled with pink, white and light brown.

KNB also created a hairless but high detailed head of the stage five Jennifer that had an articulating jaw.

He disliked what he saw: the young poet thin and yellow, the pile of acid bones bitterly hairless, giving himself to write a novel.

For the rest of the series, he is portrayed as virtually hairless, the exception being his eyebrows and a small amount of pubic hair.

ThThe tamandua lives in trees, where it can cling to branches with its strong, almost hairless tail.

They were humanoids: short, Caucasian but hairless, with thin lips and bulging black eyes.

The females build nests, give birth to their blind and hairless young after a gestation of thirty days.

The Oracle’s scabrous, hairless scalp is – fortunately – mostly concealed by the black hood of his robe.

Wherever the body is hairless, the skin is soft and smooth.

ere is a special breed of cat which is entirely hairless.