hacking in a sentence

Eleven students allegedly involved in hacking the system were expelled.

It has denied hacking the company, but called the act a “righteous deed.”

The tweets from the hacked hacking Team Twitter account mocked the company.

China and the United States regularly accuse each other of hacking attacks.

The official did not specifically say the prospect of hacking was a concern.

It used to be that hacking was all about credit card data and identify theft.

He says hacking poses less of a risk to fliers than a hijacker or rogue pilot.

He was the first Mirror Group Newspapers journalist to admit to phone hacking.

hacking involves hiding from the young birds and housing them in cages on stilts.

Devine said that a proportional hacking response could ultimately harm U.S. strategy.

Military officials said they were “not aware of hacking on IDF operational networks.”

The plan allegedly involved hacking into accounts and arresting the top central banker.

China strongly opposes and combats the theft of commercial secrets and hacking attacks.

Now, Snapchat says it has the spam, hacking and illicit picture-saving issues under control.