gunsmith in a sentence

Gunsmiths who lack sophisticated machine shop capabilities must understand the law.

For many years scout rifles were only available from custom Gunsmiths .

The Gunsmith offers these firearms for sale.

The blacksmith who made gun barrels and triggers was a Gunsmith .

German Gunsmiths fitted the scope above the barrel for optimal accuracy.

A qualified Gunsmith can smooth and lighten the trigger.

The type 1 bargains against the company or Gunsmith besides detrimental firearms.

The Gunsmith should do the same prior to returning the firearm.

Thus they caused the discontent of the local Gunsmiths .

Cobb also acquired Griffin & Howe, another Gunsmith company.

Izhmash has its own nice museum dedicated to weapons and Gunsmiths .

Bushcraft skills, repair skills such as Gunsmith .

The Gunsmith would have murdered him or had a heart attack.

He probably also worked with his uncle, a Gunsmith .

Nothing around the twentieth, the Gunsmith had repeated for each caller.

There are circumstances in which a Gunsmith might require a manufacturing license.

Apprenticeships: learn directly from active Gunsmiths .

The Minories was an area noted for its Gunsmiths .

Famous Russian Gunsmiths and the weapons they designed are also shown here.

On 12 May 1903 Shrewsbury bought a revolver from a local Gunsmiths .

Additionally, modifications to firearms made by Gunsmiths are restricted as well.

Daimler was a Gunsmith who had worked on the Lenoir engine.

Marlin triggers can be smoothed and lightened by a competent Gunsmith .

In general, Gunsmiths develop and expand their skills through years of experience.