gunnery in a sentence

The training focused on gunnery, maritime tactics, air defence, submarine defence and air operations.

19-year old Ensign Harris receiving air-to-air gunnery award from his skipper, Cdr.

They ferried mail and personnel to the gunnery detachment at Eglin Field.

Colfred, Stovall and Welton gunnery rangers were also established nearby.

Page needed The ship was towed out in November 1924 to be used as a gunnery target.

Kuivasaari telephone exchange was also the central gunnery telephone exchange.

The gunnery instruction centre was commissioned on 1 January 1943.

Iron Duke became a gunnery training ship in 1931.

From 5 June 1910, Danzig served as a training ship for naval gunnery.

Honours In 1914 Dreyer was awarded the civilian CB for his services to naval gunnery.

Her nickname is “Gunny Granny” (she was a Marine Corps gunnery Sergeant from 1945 to 1972).

The APQ-153 was a relatively simple pulse doppler radar intended to improve gunnery on the F-5.

Abigail D. Olmos became the first female Master gunnery Sergeant in the history of the Marine Corps.

This book in the series once again follows 3rd Platoon, Company L, 34th FIST under gunnery Sergeant Bass.

The improved design had a better gunnery fire control system and improved ammunition magazine arrangements.