gunfire in a sentence

They were exposed to the enemy’s gunfire.

The commander exposed his men to gunfire.

The soldiers were awoken by the noise of gunfire.

The gunfire was getting worse, so we ran down to our cellar.

There have been reports of continuous gunfire near the palace.

Falling asleep to the sounds of bombs and gunfire has become the norm for many children living in war-torn countries.

DeBoard pursued and exchanged gunfire with Hargrove, who was killed.

The gunfire to follow could only be matched by Israel and Palestine.

Police are investigating the area but have found no signs of gunfire.

They say the neighbor, Bettie Jones, was accidentally hit by gunfire.

He died shielding his girlfriend from the gunfire inside the theater.

At the end, police mistook police gunfire for shots from Russell’s car.

Then he is seen hurriedly carrying her away while the gunfire continues.

Witnesses heard 1 shot; pause of several seconds; then flurry of gunfire.

Back in those days, his regime was only using live gunfire on protestors.

Nighttime gunfire has been common in Bujumbura in recent weeks and months.

Bullard was struck by the gunfire but managed to get his cousin to safety.

That puts 2015 on pace for 38 total fatalities from non-accidental gunfire.

In one of the houses on the block, James Floyd was awakened by the gunfire.

22871 After gunfire erupted, he grabbed a bloodied drumstick from backstage.

Boinnet said there was a heavy exchange of gunfire with the Islamic militants.

744769 The man and police exchanged gunfire, and Holder was struck in the head.

Police say they began following one armed man with whom they exchanged gunfire.

The car was struck by multiple rounds of gunfire but only Aavielle was injured.

828853 They encountered the other car again, and there was gunfire, police said.