guard tower in a sentence

Walk east through the ” guard tower “.

guard towers were located on each corner.

Only the southeastern corner guard tower has survived.

The guard tower is directly over the east entrance gate.

Armed military police manned the nine guard towers surrounding the camp.

Classic decorations – guard towers , barbed wire, high fences.

The Outer city walls had four corner guard towers and seven gate towers.

Consists of a battleship and guard tower .

The camp was enclosed by barbed wire fences and secured by guard towers .

Chinese troops watched the countryside from some 900 guard towers atop the walls.

The town was surrounded by guard towers and a fence with seven gates.

The rear entrance is protected by a steel barricade and a guard tower .

In the guard towers they have pistols, rifles, and assault rifles.

All sold by an NPC atop the Balmora West guard tower .

Brief panning shot of the Berlin Wall with guard tower and barbed wire .

The city had seven guard towers on the harbor site to defend the inland city.

It served as the city guard tower , where lookouts watched over the countryside.

The main targets you want to take out include enemy guard towers and vehicles.

View of Buchenwald from a guard tower , smaller searchlights in FG.