gruesome in a sentence

This is discussed in his autobiography, Tall, Dark and gruesome.

Several of its leaders were executed in the most gruesome manner.

Will he stop the gruesome twosome making off with the prize money?

The fact that he can live forever makes this the most gruesome of internments.

Dame Durden sings to the Sheriff: “Faithless one, you’re in a gruesome plight.”

They are a somewhat gruesome twosome who scheme and dream of Camelot’s downfall.

The robots were prepared to give Captain Jack Harkness a particularly gruesome makeover.

This hypnosis causes Prior to remember the gruesome death of two soldiers in his platoon.

Following a gruesome battle, Gambino is crippled with Guts left as the family breadwinner.

Bobo Deng from compliments the director of his visuals and the gruesome effects.

Her death in the final battle is gruesome, as Tria’s God Beast form tears her limb from limb.

Roald Dahl rewrote the story in a more modern and gruesome way in his book Revolting Rhymes (1982).

Rashid, Taliban, p.139 The city fell, but journalists report it as a particularly gruesome conquest.

Though the challenge was legal and appeared innocuous, the gruesome footage of the incident shocked many.

gruesome photos of the girls’ bodies, taken at the scene, were blown up and placed through the subway system.

Batman becomes involved after discovering some of the gruesome remains of the Monster’s Men’s cannibalistic rampages.

But Sam gruesomely decapitates Gordon using only a long piece of barbed wire, while staring him straight in the eyes.